12 Facebook Posts That’ll Ruin Your Faith In Social Media! #11 Is Literally Embarrassing!


Facebook is a social media platform from where one post can reach to millions. It’s one of the best social networking platforms from where we can make our opinion heard. On one side facebook is a way of connecting everyone, on the other side it’s filled up to neck with idiots. Some are taking advantage of facebook to invoke crime. While some are sharing stupid stuff through facebook posts to gain popularity.

WARNING: you may find some of these so very awkward and some really gross and for some Facebook Posts you might even want to find out the person and beat the sh*t outta him/her. We expect you to keep all the calm.

Here are some of the instances where people made facebook posts that’ll make you question humanity  on social media:

1- A Gruesome way of promoting. Like seriously? $5000. Get a life man and also some good and worthy posts.

Facebook Posts on Social media


2- What A Joke. Hah. Wonder What Might Ryan Reynolds Say. ( Nigga B*tches!! That’s Makeup and photoshop)

Facebook Posts on Social media


3- What did I just read..? Looks Like I have Been Wrong My Entire Life..!! Or this guy just needs a great deal of education.

Facebook Posts on Social media


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