Ever Heard A Court Order To Drop Acid In Criminal’s Eyes? Here Are 7 Countries With Strictest Laws Around The Globe


Some countries are too strict in terms of maintaining discipline. They are too obsessed with controlling their people and all other activities. In some of the countries, people don’t actually feel the freedom due to these strictest laws. The punishment for violating these strictest laws is brutal too.

Here are 7 Countries with Strictest Laws in the world:

1- No Internet Access To Common People without Permission – NORTH KOREA

North Korea is the only country which is purely communist. Law and order are very strict here. Each and every activity of a person living here is tracked every minute. The North Korean people don’t even have access to the internet. Internet access is given only to the ruling elite and even their activities are keenly observed.

Tourists from the USA and South Korea are not allowed here. Other tourists are assigned with  personal escorts called minders. They go to every place with tourists and make sure the tourists don’t break any law. Speaking against the North Korean government is a strict offence.

Countries With Strictest Laws


2- No Mobile and Telephonic Conversation. Journalists who Bring Foreign News Are Tortured And Killed – SYRIA

Yes, go to Syria and there are strict limitations to the use of mobiles and landlines. You cannot contact everyone sitting at your home in Syria. Connection to Foreign people, government or news is strictly prohibited. Journalists who break the rule and bring out foreigns news are tortured by the people of government and even killed. Press is hugely controlled by the government.

Countries With Strictest Laws

3- Reading And Writing Is Banned – EQUATORIAL GUINEA.

People here are discouraged to read and write. There are no book stalls – too far to find the library. No schools, no newsstands. Foreigners are generally not allowed to enter the country. Those allowed to enter are closely monitored and are not allowed to take pictures or make a video film. President  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo controls news, tv, and media since a coup installed him in 1973.

Countries With Strictest Laws


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