8 Facts That You Should Know About The Defenders


MARVEL’s Defenders looks cool. However, how much do you know about it? Don’t answer, just read some amazing facts about the series here:

  • The Defenders (Comics) Was The More Supernatural & Mythical Side Of The Mighty Avengers

The roster of the show followed a rotating regime. In fact, Doctor Strange led the original team of The Defenders alongside Hulk, Namor and The Silver Surfer, the mythical side of The Avengers.

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  • The Real Guardians Of Galaxy Were Associate Defenders

The new Guardians of Galaxy look really cool with Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Groot. However, one of the greatest facts regarding the series is that the original Guardians of Galaxy were the associates of The Defenders.

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  • The Defenders (Netflix) Shows The Street Level Side Of The Avengers

The show showcases the street level side of The Avengers. According to MARVEL’s chief consultant, the heroes are going to be shown in a never-seen-before avatar on the show.

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  • The Defenders Has Four Different Phases

The show had four distinct phases. Originally, the team was led by Doctor Strange alongside Hulk, Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer. The concept was later modified thrice to pass the new phases.

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  • Every MARVEL Hero Has Been A Part Of The Defenders At Some Point

Do you love Wolverine? Do you love SpiderMan? Everyone from Hulk to Doctor Strange was once a part of the team.

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  • The Defenders (Netflix) Will Connect To MARVEL’s Film Universe Directly

According to the makers of the Netflix show, it is also going to connect with the MARVEL Cinematic Universe directly!

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  • Even DC Paid Homage To The Defenders On A Justice League Episode

Not only MARVEL, but DC also loved the team to an extent as they paid tribute to the team in the two part Justice League episode titled as ‘The Terror Beyond’.

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  • The Last Issue Of The Defenders (Comics) Ended With A Time Paradox

MARVEL launched a new series of the show back in 2011 written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Terry Dodson. Back then, the new team featured Dr Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, Red She-Hulk and Iron Fist (He is in the new TV Series as well!). However, the series ended at #12 issue for some unknown reason.

Though one of the highlights of that new series was the additional of Black Cat, Nick Fury and Ant-Man joined the team against the Death Celestials. During the end, Dr Strange changes the past so that the history of the team reuniting again is erased in order to save the universe from destruction. As a matter of fact, ultimately, the reunion never happens.

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