Follow this Step Guide to know How Your Children Will Look


Have you ever been cuddled up on the sofa with your partner and wondered what your children would look? This step guide can help you know!

Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore. We’ve come up with a great seven-step guide to help you make a well-informed guess about what your child would look like. However, we can tell you straight away that your babies will look cute.

Follow this step guide to know how your children will look!


Now, strong genes might overpower weak ones but this does not always play out in the same way in every situation. If they did, we would all look more similar than we currently do. The different ways in which genes interact make it very important to study and understand DNA since that is what decides the pattern. Also, you didn’t think it was as straightforward as “strong beats weak”, right? This isn’t Rock/Paper/Scissors, silly.

Step guide to know how children will look


2.Passing generations

If you have light colored eyes or blonde hair and have been reading this article with concern, don’t worry. Your genes may be “weak” but they’re crafty. Sometimes they lie in wait like ninjas, waiting to pounce on future generations. Dark hair might win today, but the blonde gene lives to fight another day! Just wait till you see the grandkids!

Step guide to know how children will look



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