Facts Of Lavish Dubai That You Believed Are Not True



Dubai is the most beautiful city. The city is known for easy shopping. Ultra-modern architecture and nightlife scenes make this city more beautiful.  Dubai is a global city with a large business in the Middle East. The large constructions and sports events, especially the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa attracted the attention of the people around the world. The hotels of Dubai rated as the second expensive hotels in the world. Revenue from the oil helped the country to grow extensively, but the city is already a mercantile hub before oil marketing.

On the other side, there are many things that we don’t know about this city. In this article, we are going to tell you about the unknown facts about this city.

1. There are only rich people in this country

There are many rich people in the country, but also there is poverty. Many migrants are quite weak. But the average salary of a person would be $200-$350(Rs.13,818.91- Rs.24,183.09) per month.


2. Excellent place to raise kids

Education in Dubai is free for Dubai native people. But the migrants have to pay $100,000 for 11 years of training, and we’re talking about public schools here.



3. Dubai is a country

Dubai looks like a country, but it is a city. It is not even a capital. Abu Dhabi is the capital out of  7 emirates in the UAE.


4.Prohibition of alcohol.

Alcohol is available in almost all hotels. Non- Muslims and tourists are allowed to drink alcohol.


5. Dubai is an ecologically clean city

Even if you took the absence of a unified waste management system and continued the rise of the population aside, you still have a city that is full of super-cars and not Toyotas or Teslas.


6. The economy is only because of Oil

Only 5% of the economy coming from oil. Dubai’s economy share includes mostly from finance, real estate, constructions, and tourism.


7. Policeman use only luxury cars

Dubai policeman uses BMW, Audi, and Toyota as well not only luxury cars.


8. Cheetahs and lions are pets

People in Dubai prefer cats rather than dogs. If cheetahs and lions are pets then a penalty from $2,700 to $138,00.


9. More local people

About 9% of the population are locals, and 91% of the people who live here are expats.



10. Skyscrapers

Dubai has skyscrapers, but it also has one store too buildings.











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