This 70-year Old Grandmother’s Beauty And Fitness Will Make You Feel Sad About Your Own Looks


It is really not an easy task for us to have a perfect body shape in our 30s for sure. If you are big fond of fast foods and sweets, then you should forget about staying in shape without any second thought in your mind. But, meet Carolyn Hartz, a 70-year old Australian woman and also a grandmother who is famous for her beautiful and young look worldwide. She is a grandmother of four and also a mother of three, but still, she looks like a 20 something young girl. You would be shocked by knowing that she has given many bikini photoshoots for various magazines all around the world. Hartz feels proud of her amazing fitness and motivates others to follow the right fitness path for a healthy living.
If you would like to know more about her age-defying secrets which helped her in looking youthful and charming, then you are in some major luck as she has also shared her age-defying secrets with her fans worldwide through various interviews and magazines.

Hartz has given all the credit of her beauty and fitness to her strict regime and also a full on sugar-free diet. Carolyn had left eating all the sugar infused products 28 years ago. It was not easy for her because she used to love eating chocolates and sweets. She tried hard to cut off sugar from her life and finally started to look for healthy alternatives of sugar. She started taking Xylitol which is a perfect alternative to sugar for her. After cutting off sugar from her diet completely, she started taking the right diet to maintain fitness and her beauty.
In recent days, she has faced some criticism as many people do not quite believe that she achieved all this just by completely changing her overall diet. Most people believe that she had Botox or gone through some surgery to look this young. But, Hartz ridiculed any such claims and gives all the credit of her fitness to only sugar-free diet.

See some of her swoon-worthy snaps below – we are sure you will be floored as well.


Image credits: Sweet Life


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