Keanu Reeves Has Responded To Fans! He Wants To Play Wolverine!


The X-Men franchise has ended finally and there won’t be any more movies in the same storyline now. After around 20 years of being there with us, the franchise is finally telling us goodbyes with Dark Pheonix as the last movie in the universe which told us everything in the past decades. The most remembered character of the X-Men universe will be by far any doubt, Wolverine, initially played by Hugh Jackman. He made the character so great with his acting that we’re never going to forget the character. The person who’s recently getting a lot of attention is Keanu Reeves with John Wick 3 recently being released among much other stuff. Keanu Reeves has been fan favorite to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and he agrees to us.

Fans Really Want Keanu Reeves to be cast as next Wolverine.

We have seen how furious he can get with his guns and things.

Just change them by claws and healing powers, so he doesn’t need a bulletproof vest.

And there you go, you get the perfect replacement of him.

Moreover, Hugh Jackman And Keanu Reeves have a lot in common.


They have been spotted playing the same types of characters and have the same intensity which character of Logan requires.

There are plenty of Illustrations of Keanu as Wolverine.

And, he totally rocks as the character and doesn’t change the way we look at the character.

What is Keanu’s thought on it?


Recently, in a YouTube video, while promoting John Wick 3, he answered fan questions while holding a dog.

People asked if he wanted to play Wolverine in the X-Men universe.


A fan asked him “If you could choose any superhero or villain to play in the Marvel or DC comics universe, who would it be and why?”

And his answer just filled everyone with joy.


“When I was a kid, I always wanted to play Wolverine. So Wolverine.” A confirmation that he might be up for the role if Marvel wanted.

X-Men franchise ended with Dark Pheonix recently.


This was mainly because the same storyline was told and also business reasons, i.e. Disney acquisition of Fox.

There Will Be A Reboot of the Franchise and on a much bigger level!

Since, Disney is now the all hail king, the X-Men characters, The Avengers as well as our lovely Deadpool can come under the same roof and under the same universe where we can see amazing team-ups by Marvel characters which we have been wanting for so long.

Keanu Reeves can also be seen as Johny Silverhand in upcoming Video Game CypberPunk 2077.

He created the biggest buzz in the E3 2019 by revealing the game and so, now we have more of his John Wick action in gameplay!

So, how excited are you about Keanu as Wolverine?



I’m totally up for seeing him play Wolverine in the reboot, whenever that happens which is not soon is what I can guarantee you, will be amazing justice to the iconic character.


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