Family In Texas Reunites With Lost Dog 14 Years Later


A Texas family whose dog disappeared 14 years ago reunited with the now elderly canine.

This Texas’ family’s lost their dog 14 years ago, thanks to the rescue team who help them reunite. Aaron Webster say, “The dog named Remington disappeared from the fenced-in yard at his parents’ house in 2006. We know he disappeared. Maybe a hawk grabbed him, and he got away, We’ll never know.”

Lost Dog

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Webster and his significant other set up blurbs and looked for the pooch. They searched for a considerable amount of time. But they had no leads. The family heard nothing about Remington the dog until February 1, 2020. At the point when Webster got a call from Saving Hope, a creature salvage bunch in Fort Worth. The salvage revealed to Webster an older Yorkshire terrier had been found with a microchip bearing his contact data.

Here’s a little glimpse of their happy reunion!

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Webster told,

“This seems impossible. If I could ask for anything, it would be to have 24 hours to talk to Remington about what happened in all that time. What happened when he disappeared? Who did he live with? I know he didn’t spend 14 years on the street,” Webster said. “But at the end, it wasn’t good. He was abused, and he’s skittish. He’s starting to come around.”

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Veterinarians said Remington is sound enough to have a decent life, so his family has chosen to invite him again into their home. To this Webster further adds, “This lost dog has been through hell. But we felt like if we could bring him into our home and give him a peaceful existence for however much longer he has, he deserves that.”

The rescue group wrote,

“After nearly fourteen years missing and miles and miles away from home, Remi had finally been found. Aaron and his wife, and their three growing children, were elated and overjoyed to finally welcome Remi back into his home. Remi Webster is finally home and will be loved by his family for the rest of his days. Welcome home, Remington!”

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