Famous Brands Transformed Into Anime Characters Is The Best Thing You Will See On Internet Today


Brand marketing is one of the most significant aspects of marketing since a brand can speak for itself irrespective of whatever stuff it is selling. Whether it is Samsung selling refrigerators or ACs, or TATA selling cars and trucks to something like table salt, sales are never a problem. This is mainly because people have been able to associate themselves with the brand. Customers have grown a reliance on the brand rather than on the product. So whatever stuff the brand is representing is selling big. This is why companies have had a penchant for selling their brand rather than sell each product individually. Once the brand gets established, it becomes to sell anything under that brand name.

In their pursuit to do so, brands have undertaken various measures. One of the popular measures is to animate the brand. In fact, there are many world-famous brands that have animated their brand through characters that evoke some kind of nostalgia among its customers. Whenever they come across this animated character, customers think of that brand. Whether it is Hyundai, McDonald’s, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Sprite, Jeep, Fanta, Monster Energy, Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, Jaguar, Pepsi, KFC, Tesla, Coca Cola or any other brand, all have a unique anime linked to their brand. What is unique to these brand animes is that they are somehow associated with the core values of the product.

Take, for example, Tesla. Since Tesla is known for its quest for alternative sources of energy, most notably solar energy, the depiction of the brand through its anime shows a man taking care of a young deer. Here the deer represents the nature and the anime tries to depict that brand is taking care of the environment and the nature by researching on and installing solar energy equipment.

The same goes for Jeep. The anime for the brand depicts a rustic and robust man which aptly represents the all-terrain jeep maker.  

Take a look at some of the brands transformed into anime below

Image Credits: Instagram


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