First Month to First Year – How Relationships Grows Over Time


Relationships can really be funny. In the sweet and romantic initial days of relationships, partners appear to be so good, so loving, so obedient, so expert in culinary arts and so animated in bed.

Men just love it and jump with joy at the thought of spending life with such a partner. However, things start to unfold in all the different ways as time passes by.

Loving and caring tone and actions tend to wane, culinary skills become a thing of the past and eating in restaurants or ordering pizzas become the norm and a lot more.

In fact, after a year of relationship people may get to see their relations in the real light. In the initial days of relationships partners have an urge to showcase themselves in a positive light.

So they act in a way that enhances their image as the most rightful partner.

However, as the relationship takes wings, partners come out of the shackles of artificial constraints and come to their self. Since this unfolds gradually, but slowly, not everybody is complaining. Nevertheless, there are some that notice this turn of events and situations.

The journey of a relationship from the first month to the first year is indeed an adorable one even with its not so charming side.

Boys have the impression that girls eat less. So, on the first date the girl tends to give an impression that she does not eat much, and is very picky about food lest she puts on weight. However, as time goes by they lose this conscientious urge to show off and return to their original self.

Going to the first date can be quite frustrating as girls spend hours decking up themselves while boys have to while away their time waiting for their sweethearts.


However, after a year it may just be the opposite. While the girl may be ready and raring to go boys may be busy with work.

The high-end posh dates may get replaced by a casual night out at the beach – at the end, it is the love that matters and doesn’t get replaced with time.


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