Did You Know That These Game Of Thrones Characters Were Recast During Shooting? 


Game of Thrones is arguably the most famous television series all around the world with one of the most powerful cast. But did you know that many of its characters were recast? Well, now you do.

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1. Beric Dondarrion.

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The role of Beric was played by David Michael during season 1. He was later replaced by Richard Dormer. HBO didn’t even provide an explanation for this recast decision.

2. Dickon Tarly. 

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The character of Lord Randyll Tarly’s son was recast during season 6. Freddie Stroma, the original actor playing Tarlys role left the Game Of Thrones franchise to focus on Time After Time. He was replaced by Tom Hopper. 

3. Daario Naharis. 

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Game Of Thrones has recast many characters over the years and Daeneryss lover was one of them. Ed Skrein, the original actor was busy shooting Transporter: Refueled and had to abandon the role. He was replaced by Michiel Huisman.

4. Myrcella Baratheon. 

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Myrcella first appeared during the show’s infancy during which she was being played by Aimee Richardson, the character later reappeared during season 5 but the actress playing Myrcella was replaced by Nell Tiger Free. The reason for this change was that Aimee grew up much faster than the character would have so the directors decided to have Myrcella recasted.

5. Selyse Baratheon. 

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Tara Fitzgerald took over the role from Sarah MacKeever during Game Of Thrones season 2. Another interesting fact about Sarah is that she only played the character of Selyse for one scene only.

6. Lothar Frey. 

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Remember the dude who stabbed Talisa at the Red Wedding was recast. Daniel Tuite took over the role from Tom Brooke during season 6.

7. The Night King. 

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Among all the characters Game Of Thrones has recast, The Night King is perhaps the most crucial one. Richard Brake was replaced by Vladimir Furdik for season 6. And Vladimirs performance was well received by critics and fans alike.

8. Rickard Karstark.

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The Stark loyalist was played by Steven Blount in season 1 and was replaced by the much older John Stahl.

9. The Mountain. 

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Game Of Thrones has been recast happy with many characters but they sure went overboard with The Mountain recasting him thrice.  In season 1, he was portrayed by Australian actor Conan Stevens. He was replaced in by Ian Whyte in season 2. And since season 4,  The Mountain has been portrayed by profession strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. 

10. The Three-Eyed Raven. 

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Many fans have agreed that Raven’s recasting was the right decision by Game Of Thrones directors. Struan Rodger was replaced by the Oscar winning actor Max von Sydow.

11. Tommen Baratheon. 

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Game Of Thrones has had a hard time with it’s child actors and they had the same problem with Tommen. They had to replace Callum Wharry with DeanCharles Chapman.

12. Khaleesi. 

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Yep, Got had even replaced the actress who played Khaleesi before the show officially aired. Tamzin Merchant was supposed to be the actress playing Khaleesi 

But was later replaced by Emilia Clarke. 


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