20 Grown Women Confess Why They’re Still Stuffing Their Bras!


Well, as teenagers, some girls are pretty much obsessed with having great boobs. But, there are some grown women who are still addicted to having great boobs. But, how do we get what we want? Well, we improvise. These grown women are still stuffing their bras, and we’re not judging!

Some habits die hard, well, at least when grown women confess that they are still stuffing their bras!

1. Whoa! Okay, that is really something that you wouldn’t want to reveal to your co-workers!

grown women confess why do they stuff their bras

2. Okay, that must’ve been quite the blunder and double the embarrassment. But, hey, we have all been there!3. Well, that is definitely going to give you pretty nasty nightmares!4. So, this is really a big problem. I mean, why the hell did I ever do to you boobs?5. People can be really mean, and that can really make you feel insecure about yourself!6. Well, this definitely must’ve been a nightmare!7. Wow, that is definitely my story. And girl, I can totally relate to your pain!8. You know, you should everything that makes you feel confident, So, you go girl!9. I have heard about this, and honestly, I wouldn’t be much surprised if I had to do this too!10. Well, we all want them big don’t we?11. Okay, that is definitely one more use you can put your bras stuffings into!12. Well, you should definitely start doing the same to her. Maybe then she’ll understand!13. Okay, this sucks, and I really can relate to this one!14. Well, life is hard, but you need to make the most of it!15. Okay, girl, I really really really can relate to your problem!16. It just doesn’t happen does it!17. And some people, just don’t know when to stop faking it!
18. And, then there are women who want to look old!

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19. Not everybody has the same problem you see!

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20. Well, this is really hard to digest, but yeah, this happens a lot!grown women are still stuffing their bras


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