Someone Decided To Write A Harry Potter Chapter Using Predictive Software!


We have all practically lived our lives wanting the Hogwarts letter to arrive. But over the years the one thing we did achieve was some pretty banging fan theories. Now, we all know what the book’s all about right? Well, what if someone was to totally re-write the chapters? But, not a person, your auto-correct. Well, the correct term for this is using a predictive software. So, someone came up with the ridiculous yet totally awesome idea of using the predictive software to write a new Harry Potter chapter!

This man writes the thirteenth Harry Potter Chapter Using A Predictive software and trust me you want this book for Christmas this year!

Botnik writer and editor, Nat Towsen, decided to create a new version of the book using a predictive keyboard. The book is named as ‘Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash’. Yeah, so you pretty much get the idea of the blast it is going to create! Well, have a look for yourself.

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For the starters, they set up its algorithm by training it on all 7 original Harry Potter novels, prompted it with some guiding articles, then let it go to town on the World of Wizardry. But, Towson composed the final result by arranging the funniest pieces of copy his team ended up with into a coherent narrative. 

harry potter chapter using predictive software

Yeah, that my friends, is your next Harry Potter best-seller!


harry potter chapter using predictive software

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Well, Hermione, after all these years, you definitely deserve to get aggressive.

harry potter chapter using predictive software

“Beef Women”, that’s it, I can’t keep my calm! Someone please just grab me one of these! The password is beef women!

Okay, so in a parallel universe, Ron’s the ‘handsome one’, Hermione’s a badass teenager, and Harry is a cannibal?

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Hmmm, I wonder what were they moaning about? (This was supposed to be a Kid’s book, predictive keyboard!)

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Yep they definitely should be worried!

This is how people responded to this hilarious book!

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