What Horror Movie Stars Look Like In Real Life


6. John Kramer – Tobin Bell (Saw, 2003)

Horror Movie Stars


John Kramer was the most iconic role of Tobin Bell’s career. Tobin Bell’s portrayal of the maniac was definitely scary.


7. Leprechaun – Warwick Davis (Leprechaun, 2003)

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There was no better fit for this role than Warwick himself. With his height of 3’5″, his charisma and acting talent, Warwick Davis was the best choice to play the role of Leprechaun and it paid off.


8. Michael Myers – Nick Castle (Halloween, 1978)

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Nick Castle’s portrayal of Michael Myers remains to be one of the most horrifying movie characters of all time. This role brought Nick a whole lot of fame as well.


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