Hypnic Jerks – Do You Jolt Up In The Middle Of Your Sleep?


This has happened with almost all of us, right? There has been many nights when you suddenly wake up with a jolt from your sleep. Nightmares are not the only reason behind this. There can be serious issues too! Hypnic jerks are caused due to many reasons and can be avoided with simple ways.

hypnic jerks sleep


What are hypnic Jerks and why do they occur during sleep?

For a start, it is an involuntary twitching of muscles. I’m not going into the scientific definition but ask yourself these questions to decide whether you’re a victim of it!

hypnic jerks from sleep


Did you ever feel like you’re falling down? Or suddenly wake up with a high paced heartbeat? Or felt like a little shock or muscle spasm. If your answer is yes, then welcome on board. You’re a victim of hypnic jerks too.

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