10 Lame Logics Hindi Daily Soaps Taught Us!


“Nothing is permanent but change”…… said a genius once but he perhaps forgot that this rule doesn’t apply to our Hindi daily soaps. They can go on & on till eternity and they don’t even need a plot for that! Blame the reign of Ekta Kapoor or her blind followers, we do need some worthy TV shows badly.

Here are few things that perhaps only those daily soaps makers would understand as they go completely over our heads!!

1) The female characters stay overloaded with Banarasi sarees and heavy jewelry all the time…. even while sleeping!

Dear Gopi Bahu and Simar, have you ever heard of night suits, pajamas or even cotton sarees???!

Hindi Daily Soaps

Image Source : storypick

2) It takes a 100-year leap, still, the characters look as young as in the first episode!

So the newborn baby has grown up into a young girl or boy still the mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have somehow managed to maintain their glowing skin and hourglass figures. Looks like daily soaps actresses don’t need any anti-ageing cream at all! And who can forget the respectable ‘Baa’, persistent on the living room sofa for generations?

Hindi Daily Soaps

Image Source : Dailymoss


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