Guy Photoshop Himself With Pictures of Kendall Jenner And The Result Is Hilarious!


We all dream and want to live certain life but due to some reasons, some of us can’t. But there’s a guy Kirby Jenner who knows how to live his dreams with Kendall Jenner as he is a Photoshop wizard. He is seen in almost all of the pictures of Kendall Jenner. According to him, he’s Kendall Jenner’s secret fraternal twin and he gets to hang out with his adopted sister whenever he wants to. Although it’s not sure what does Kendall have to say about it! Kirby creates hilarious pictures with her!

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Check Kendall Jenner pictures below with Kirby Jenner alongside and appreciate his skills of Photoshop and sense of humor!


Photoshop pictures of Kendall Jenner

2.I’m on a horse! Just kidding! It’s a dog!

Photoshop pictures of Kendall Jenner

3.Road trips!

Photoshop pictures of Kendall Jenner

4.Zombie stories.

Photoshop pictures of Kendall Jenner with Kirby Jenner  


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