Know What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality


From the ancient times, gemstones have been believed to be associated with birth time and month. It is believed that they have special powers and can assist people stay in good health, acquire wealth and also bestow them with luck. The tradition of wearing gemstones continues, but they must be in keeping with your month of birth. Here are 12 gemstones each of which is believed to be associated with a particular month.

1. Garnet


This is the birthstone for January. People who wear this gemstone are believed to be passionate, friendly, healthy, loving, and emotional.

2. Amethyst


People who are born in February wear this stone. These people are known to be sincere, secured, spiritually inclined and long for true happiness.

3. Aquamarine


This is the birthstone for the month of March.  The stone is believed to symbolize honesty, health, loyalty, youth and hope.

4. Diamond


The eternal symbol of love is for those who are born in the month of April. Wearers of this stone are considered to be pure and openhearted and long for unity.

5. Emerald


For those born in May, Emerald is the birthstone to wear.  People who wear this stone long for youth, believe in rebirth, are wise, and seek love and good fortune.

6. Pearl


Pearl is for June born people. They have a straightforward equation of life – success, happiness and love. This is why they wear this stone.

7. Ruby


Ruby is for July. One wears this for wisdom, love and health.

8. Peridot


For those born in August, Peridot is the stone to wear. This beautiful olive-green stone is for those who seek great power and good fortune.

9. Sapphire


If one is born in September, he or she may wear Sapphire since this is the stone for those born in September. It stands for calmness, serenity and peace.

10. Opal

For those born in October, Opal is the stone to wear. People who are yarning for good luck wear this stone.

11. Topaz

Topaz is November. It stands for wisdom, longevity and friendship.

12. Tanzanite


For those born in December, Tanzanite is the birthstone. They represent fidelity, love and confidence.


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