Know Why You Should Quit Believing In ‘Love At First Sight’


Is it at all possible to fall in love at first sight? There is no doubt that the idea is delightfully romantic, and even Prince Harry has said this to happen to him when he came across Meghan Markle for the first time. Yet there are reasons to believe that it is not just a straight jacket phenomenon without any constraints. A research carried out in the Netherlands does offer evidence in support of love at first sight. Yet, what the researchers came out with does not point to an unconstrained phenomenon. In fact, there are some reasons to believe that you should quit believing in “love at first sight”.

1. It is a case of biased memory

It is considered that people suffer from biased memory which can create an illusion of having fallen head over heels for someone.

2. People are more likely to fall in love at first sight if the other person is beautiful 

This shows that “love at first sight” is not an unconstrained love.

3. Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight compared to women

This shows that it is mostly a one-way traffic.

4. Usually, the phenomenon is not mutual

It more or less resonates the previous point that men are more likely to fall in love than women.

5. It is not really love

The indicators of love such as intimacy, passion and commitment usually lack in such cases.

6. Human beings are tuned to getting rewarded

It is the feel good hormones that make men returning for more.

7. It takes time to build up love

Love is a complex chemistry. It just cannot happen in the twinkling of an eye.

8. True love is supposed to go beyond looks

Yet, love at first sight usually happens with beautiful people from the opposite sex.

9. It is lust

Love at first sight can be categorised as lust since love does not happen in a moment.


 ‘Love at first sight’ is actually a hormonal distraction that prevents the person from thinking about anybody else


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