These Father Daughter Illustrations will melt your Heart


A father-daughter bond is one of the most special ones that exists among us. Although misinterpreted at times for being stern and cold, a daughter knows what her father means to her – the World! They see a hero in him for the strongest man in the world. A daughter always keeps looking for his father’s qualities in her partner – such is the bond a daughter shares with her father.

Ukrainian artist Snezhana Soosh has created something emotionally so moving; it might roll down a tear or two down your cheek too. She has tried to perceive the magical relationship between a father and his daughter share between them through a series of illustrations she wishes she’d had!

“I always wanted to have a tender and loving relationship with my own father, but he didn’t know how to show his love so most of the time was distant and cold,” Soosh told The Huffington Post. “I was observing other fathers with their daughters and so loved each tender moment they had together. I think I drew what I lacked and very much wanted — to feel loved and protected by my big papa.”

She reciprocated the relationship through Father Daughter Illustrations where she wishes she’d had with her father through the one she shares with her 9-year-old son Frol. Let’s take a look at the artworks or Father Daughter Illustrations Soosh beautifully created – something that brought the entire world together in showering with all the love their fathers deserve.

These are the most awesome Father Daughter Illustrations till date that will surely melt your heart.

  1. Monsters

Father Daughter Illustrations
Image Source

A father, while running errands, will look for those monsters under his angel’s beds. For he won’t let anything happen to her doll – not even in her dreams!

  1. ‘Queen’ Size Bed

Father Daughter Illustrations
Image Source

He needs no space. His world is meant to be shared with his daughter.

  1. Papa Puppet

Father Daughter Illustrations
Image Source

A girl needs her toys and puppets are one of them. Who better than Dad to take the game to the next level?

  1. Queen of the World

Father Daughter Illustrations
Image Source

Daddy will keep his baby on his shoulders if it gets to keep her safe for another day.


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