Makeup Can Do Monstrous Tricks! A 16 Year Old Has Proved It.


Prosthetic makeup a career? Hell Yes… if it’s something like this!

Did you even know what you would be when you were 16? Yeah… me neither! All I thought about was how to get away from my parents and go play! Kids nowadays have access to the mighty social media and thus, to the whole of the world! Some have extremely unusual talents that can throw you off your rocker! There are kinds of the profession now, in the market, which you would not have even imagined a few years back! Truely, creativity has no end and this is a proof!

Here’s a 16-year old Australian girl Lara Wirth who can transform herself into any monster with amazing mastery over makeup and sometimes by use of some props. She was inspired by the movies like X-men initially. When she was introduced to Face-off, her whole world changed and she got completely taken up with the art of prosthetic painting.

What kind of monsters does her makeup cum painting unfolds? See for yourself…


The parasitic mouth is tricky… Well, didn’t stop her, though!



2.The Pumpkin King

Re-creation of an art she got inspiration from… a tribute to the masters…


3.Albino Demon

One heck of a Halloween costume! The facial prosthetic perfection will definitely give you some creeps…


4.Color Creep Contest 

 “How do you play with the colors? Here… this is my way!”



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