These Women Stopped Aging And Looking Younger Than Their Age


People struggle to control the aging looks in their face and body. Some try to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, hydrate themselves, and eat clean. Some hit the gym. Some say being happy makes all the difference. However, looking young is your old age is always a tough task. But, some people are conscious about their looks and blessed with great looks are there. Scroll down to see the pictures of the people who stopped aging and looking younger than their actual age.

Folake Huntoon, 42 years old

Folake Huntoon is a designer and stylist who is a mother of 3 kids.


Regina Hall, 48 years old

This film star is managing her older skin with a nutritional diet. She believes in the everyday workout plan.


Liz Webster

The mother of 3 children is a bodybuilder silver medalist of 2014.


Angelique Miles, 52 years old

Angelique tries different exercises to maintain her body. She avoids eating dairy products and sugar.


Elizabeth Hurley, 53 years old

She is the mother of a teenager. She loves eating a balanced diet to maintain this youthful look in her body and skin.


Liu Yelin, 50 years old

People think that she is the girlfriend of his teenage boy. She has a quite healthy lifestyle to maintain her body.



Carelia Morán, 48 years old

This blogger is breaking the myth of aging. She is creating her way of style.


Marina De’Boshir, 54 years old

Facial exercises are the best workout for her to maintain her younger look.


Dominique Sachse, 51 years old

She won 2 Emmy Awards with her mesmerizing looks. She is a famous blogger and newscaster.


Lure Hsu, 43 years old

Lure Hsu is a designer from Taiwan. Her beautiful skin and body make you believe that she is in her 20s. She protects her skin with sunscreen lotion on every day and stays hydrated.




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