Meet Louis! The Angry Feline Going Viral As The New Grumpy Cat


While the Internet is still mourning its favourite ‘Grumpy Cat’ and though she is irreplaceable – a new feline is going viral for his angry face and we can’t stop from feeling a little bit compensated with Grumpy cat’s loss.
Have you ever encountered a cat with the face of a raging old man who looks permanently angry? Well you would be happy to know that there is a Persian cat with the features of a angry old guy going viral these days. Meet Louis – the new ‘Grumpy Cat’, a six year old feline from Texas, USA. You would be amazed at his unique beauty and attractive appearances – he has white fur with lovely strokes of ginger, and face of a raging old man. Louis has an undeniably angry-looking face which makes him look like old man having a bad day.
According to Michelle, Louis’s owner, Louis is a very happy cat and he enjoys staying at home with kids. Louis is a Persian cat but most of the people think that he is suffering from some kind of genetic disorder by the appearance of his angry face all the time. But Michelle insists that Louis is a very normal cat like any other cats.
Most of the people love his big beautiful eyes which Louis always squints. Louis acquired the new “Grumpy Cat” title recently, but in reality, he is very playful, happy and sweet. He loves giving head rubs, playing with toys, snuggling with Michelle and always chases the lasers. He has garnered huge popularity on various social media platforms and when he goes out, people recognise him and are interested to meet him and take pictures with him. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest popular stars on the Internet right now and a Instagram sensation with his fellow feline monae.

Do checkout some of best pics below, we are sure you will love his features.

Image Credits : louisandmonae


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