Meet This Marvel Man Flying To Work, Living The Dream!


It’s amusing to be like one those superheroes from marvel, isn’t it?

It is the dream of every marvel fan to wear a jet suit and fly high. Just imagine how it feels like to go to work flying at a speed of 50kms per hour. There is no traffic, no signal and you don’t need to park any vehicle. The Journey is completely electric which saves fuel as well.

Marvel Man

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Meet Sam Rogers, also popularly designated as the marvel man now. The Marvel man got success in demonstrating the flight wearing a gas-turbine-powered Jet Suit over a river at nearly 80kms per hour. His invention is not just for the sake of entertainment but also to help mankind fly and transport from one place to another in the coming future.

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His redesign of the jet suit set a Guinness World Record for speed in the field of human aeronautical innovation. Sam told the sources, “Five turbojet engines spooling up on your body is a very visceral experience. We augment the body and mind with a suite of patent-pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight. It’s a great feeling, kind of like the Marvel superheroes, to wear the Jet Suit and fly. After several iterations, the turbines on the arms and back is the optimal configuration. Moreover, 3D printing is playing a major role in the design and manufacture of such prototypes. The aim, said Rogers, is to keep innovating and reduce the price for mass use one day.”

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According to sources, Sam Rogers spent his childhood building rockets helping him become who he is now, flying in jet suits. To this, he adds, “I always liked the idea of becoming an inventor similar to Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and to build and fly rockets.”

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