This Mythological Bridge Could Be Connecting India to Sri Lanka

  1. Did anyone ever claim to have built such an engineering marvel, have they?

A week ago, we got updates on far more significance for India and the world. It was the verification of the presence of Lord Ram. The proof that Valmiki’s epic told the absolute truth. It wasn’t exactly that, however something genuinely close. An affirmation that there once existed an artificial bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka of the sort portrayed in the Ramayana. One doesn’t require the forces of Hanuman to jump from “artificial bridge” to “built by Ram’s vanar army”. Mythological Bridge

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2. Ram-Setu Bridge – Reality or myth?

In India, a tussle over the origins of a submerged sandbar has been continuing for quite a long time, after a NASA satellite picture of the Palk Strait in 2002 plainly indicated the 30-kilometer chain of limestone shores connecting India’s Pamban Island and Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island. Chronicled records show it was a previous land association between the two nations that could be navigated by walking up till the mid-fifteenth century until it was harmed by a tornado.

The question is,

Did the confirmation appear as a multi-year examination between geologists and archaeologists? Are they distributed in the investigation diary? However, the methods for conveying weren’t actually a distribute research paper. There was an audio-visual introduction. The TV programs whine about unique research, peer audit and space mastery is a way of exaggeration. The news is a web sensation. The energy was driven by a three-minute mystery. It is still available Facebook page and Twitter through which it spread.

India SriLanka
The Indian peninsula connecting to Sri Lanka.

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3. Hindutva historians

Time to drop the cover, and recount to the story straight. A week ago, crazy Hindutva students of history went incoherent about what they considered logical approval of the legend that Ram and his monkey army force built a bridge over the ocean so as to attack Lanka, rout Ravana and salvage Sita. The Science Channel’s tweet about the program gathered more than 20,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. The promotion on the Facebook page receives 7 million views from multiple shares.

Mythological Bridge

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