20 Men Reveal The Biggest Promises They Broke To Their Girlfriends!


Promises are meant to be broken. At least that’s what the men believe. But, there are some promises that really build up the trust, and when broken, they then break off even the strongest of the relationships. These men have probably broken the biggest promises they made to their girlfriends!

If you’re planning on making the biggest promises to your girlfriends, make sure you don’t break them!

1. Well, looks like you’re not a good enough boyfriend for her!biggest promises men broke to their girlfriends

2. Oh, Wow, way to go sunny!

3. Why do people make such promises when they can’t keep up with them!

4. Well, she wasn’t saying it for herself you know?!

5. Wow, so much for being a understanding boyfriend.

6. Okay, so looks like you’ve definitely got a problem!

7. Well, you should definitely do something about it!

8. Why? If you aren’t happy with her then just tell her and move on!

9. Well, that’s cheating too you know!

10. It’s not something that you should change. It’s not gonna put your in harm’s way though!

11.  Don’t, or else you’ll just be spoiling your future. 

12. I guess, this one’s is not your fault. There should be some basic loyalty left.

13.  So, you now need to pretend in front of her. Way to go man!

14. You need to tell your girlfriend about that. You need to get her help.

15. Okay, so, you need to tell your girlfriend about this!

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16. Dude, that’s definitely not good for your health!

17. Wow, at least, you’re a man enough to admit it!

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18. Why is it always a knife fight with boyfriends and best friends?

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19. Can anybody help it?

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20. Ha Ha! I’m not even surprised anymore!


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