Valentine’s Day Proposal, Do You Think It Is Really Worth It?


Many people strive to get a valentine’s day proposal. I mean, c’mon, deep down you too want somebody to go down on their knees on V-Day. But, is it really that important? Or, is it really worth that much effort?

These couples share their views on Valentine’s day proposal and you will definitely agree with it!

1. Um, what? I’m really confused with what you’re trynna say lady!

valentine's day proposal

2. Wow, that is definitely complicated. When will men ever learn to take responsibilities?

3. What is he? A twelve-year-old kid or something? That is just so lame!

4. That is definitely some dedication for the V-day!Valentine's Day proposal

5. Well, I just pray that you people be happy together in the end!

6. Some people really get to have their dreams come true!

7. Honestly, I hate it when partners and family members backstab you like this!

8. Memories, they are indeed a wonderful thing. That is really cute though!

9. Well, he at least tried to put a ring on it!

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10. Why on Earth did you even propose? If you couldn’t really do it?

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11. Some girls think it’s all fun and games and as soon as you start getting real, they just bail!

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12. That is definitely bad timing!

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13. Yep, no wonder it is your least favorite day!

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14. Awww, that is cute!Valentine's day proposal

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15. Oh, Wow! That is definitely so cool!Valentine's day proposal


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