Men Who Marry Chubby Women Lead Much Happier Lives!


Beauty isn’t what others say it is, there are so many kinds of beauty in this world that everybody is beautiful in their own way. But, there is definitely something about chubby women that not only make them attractive but prove better life partners as well!

Chubby women make better wives and they are much fun to love with!

chubby women

Well, many may not want to marry somebody who is chubby and curvy (boo to you bro!).

chubby women

But did you know that the men who are married to healthy women are way much happier in their marriages than the ones who haven’t. Why do they say this, well, you better see for yourself.

chubby women

This recent survey in finding a relation between the wife’s size and her husband’s happiness has created a buzz worldwide and honestly us chubby girls are much happier about this!

The National Autonomous University in Mexico conducted a study with hundreds of couples and they have come to an interesting conclusion that men who marry healthy women are apparently ten times happier.

In fact the men tend to smile more who are married to healthy women than those married to the thin ones. The study also revealed that the thin women are more on the reserved and unfriendly side whereas the plumpy ones are more friendly and jolly and often know how to set the mood right.

The thin women are usually less expressive which directly impacts the happiness and quality of the relationship. The healthy women will never pressurize you to look your best. They know that outward beauty means nothing unless you are beautiful from the heart. They are cool if you fall out of shape cause you’ll still be the same person.

They’ll definitely not make you starve by preparing crash diets all month long. Rather they’ll make you fall in love with food and also help you find your inner foodie! The chubby women know how to make you smile.

They make lack the “beauty quotient” but they sure as hell make it up with humour. Beauty may fade with time, but humour lasts forever.

They are the most loyal person you’ll ever find. They know the value of love and affection and tend to give their 100% in a relationship. You’ll hardly ever find a healthy woman cheating on you.

chubby women

They love you for what you are on the inside not what you look from the outside. If they love you, they really love and value you. They are definitely the best when it comes to hugs. Nobody wants to hug bones, those who love hugs are definitely happy when they get to hug a chubby person rather than a skinny one.


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