Modern Art Installations That Are Hard to Believe Are Real


Architecture is at its world best nowadays with so many places around the world that have the perfect looks for viewing. All the world’s wonders are one big example of how architecture has gotten better over the years and how it is continuing to do so as well. We all like art engraved over things and it just makes them even better. Artists like to leave their marks on everything from paintings to nowadays even buildings and what not. Some artists have given us modern art installations at our favorite places and there is no way you cannot adore them and want them installed for real.

Below are some of the best modern art installations that are hard to believe are real:

Buildings are nothing just like a bag.

Zip it and you see the outer world, open it and you can find the whole world waiting for you.

Modern art for Wire Mesh.


This Coachella building could be made on using wire mesh and it could look just so amazing.

Oh sh1t! my brick cover fell off again.


Maybe the cement wasn’t glued tight enough so the structure had to fall out, poor lad.

All of these are just containers.

Making a drawing on these containers that too which is too clear is something modern art can give us.

Flyovers could just become so amazing.

Like magic trees bearing the entire weight of the overhear freeway, pretty good illustrations.

Modern ar defining Gravity.


This art looks really stunning and I have seen it in video games already, it looks astonishing as an art already and there’s no way you can say this isn’t real with all the special effects.

Kraken took over the building.

Maybe he rose from the depths of the sea in this abandoned building waiting to take over the world in its fear.

A stairway to heaven.


Tree houses are a thing, but sky houses are just something totally I’d like to try right now.

The mini cars can actually look like minis.

The perfection this art has is just marvelous, and it made a mini look actually like a small toy which is amazing.

What’s up danger?


The first thing you get in mind after seeing this is the scene from Spiderman Into the Spiderverse. This art could really be made and it would look so cool.


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