If Narnia Is Where You Always Wanted To Go Then Niagara Falls Is Where You Want To Be!


Well, growing up, we always wanted to visit Narnia, the mystical land in the closest. But, fairy tales rarely ever come true. But, there is one place that will give you all the feels of Narnia one can ever ask for!

Narnia exists if you don’t believe me, you should definitely visit the Niagara Falls!

There is no doubt that Niagara Falls is definitely the most beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. But, if you really have tasted wanderlust true to your soul, you’ll want to go there ASAP!

North America has some pretty nasty winters. The freezing temperatures have caused enough chaos and destruction but believe me, it has definitely given the most beautiful sights mankind has ever seen.

Many areas of the falls have frozen, forming huge, elaborately shaped ice formations dangling precariously on the rocks, giving the impression of a Narnia-like winter fantasy land.

Here are some of the breathtaking pictures that will definitely stir up your childhood feelings from your favorite wonderland!

1. This definitely looks like a site from the Castle of Cair Paravel.Niagara Falls becomes Narnia

2. Whoa! That is definitely some beautiful site one can witness.

3. Call me weird, but this really looks like a perfect diamond ring!

4. I see some reindeers right over there, do you see them too?

5. Wow! This is some pretty amazing thing one to ever dream of!

6. I am not going to believe this is true until I see this for myself.

7. I can really imagine the wolves coming down to attack Peter!

8. This is straight out of that movie, now I’m sure of it!

9. Wow, this is simply heaven. (If you imagine heaven being a cold place, idk!)

10. This is wonderful.

11. If this isn’t heaven for people who love to travel, then I don’t know what is!


12. Oh! This place is me putting in a trance!

13. I don’t anything has ever looked so fabulous in all of human history. 

14. Still feel like there is something better than this?

15. Finally, the winter is over!

16. I’m really longing to be these people there!

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17. This place really connects the reality with the fairy tale.

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18. So, I guess we got our secret place inside the closet as well!

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