Outrageous Outfits Of Lady Gaga That Proves That The Mother Monster Defines Her Own Fashion Rules


Lady Gaga is known more for her outrageous outfits than her actions on the stage and on the screen.

In fact, she depicts her aversion to stereotype by some archetypical dresses and actions. Celebrities do experiment with and transform their looks. Yet, when it comes to lady Gaga, this transformation and experimentation is at a completely different stage.

She can transform her looks every other day and still be loved by all. In fact, she defines her own fashion rules. The message that comes out of her dresses on most of the occasions, is not just a fantasy tell, but a bold statement around something of concern to her or to others in general.

Take for example the meat dress. Lady Gaga wore the dress during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She wanted to convey a political message through her dress. According to her, people are losing their rights pretty fast. It is time to stand up for rights. Otherwise, we are going to have as much right as just the flesh on our bones.

She wore an extremely revealing red dress and a religious art inspired halo of hair to boldly radiate a message of boldness in a saintly way. She wore this dress during the Marc Jacob’s Spring2010 after party.

She wore a muppet covered dress with a matching headband to come out with a message that her life has been performance. She also stated that she likes to dress this way since this inspires life.

Lady gaga wore this dress during the party following the launch of Nokia 5800.

It became her signature bow hairstyle. She wore a simple satin dress and paired it up with heels, but what topped it up all is her hair bow. She told later that the design was her own using some inexpensive extensions.

Whatever it was, there is ingenuity at play that characterizes her own thoughts and notions about events.

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan |Pinterest


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