Bizarre Questions People Get Asked At Job Interviews


If you have faced many interviews, you may be aware of it. At times interviewers do ask some pretty odd questions. These are questions that sometimes really suck and sometimes really funny. Here is a list of 10 such strange interview questions.

1. Any pet peeves?

As if the interviewer is really worried about your likes and dislikes.

2. Have a boyfriend?

What the hell it has got to do with the job!

3. Are you married?

Well, does it change the profile of the post!

4. Chinese, Japanese or Korean

What the hell does it mean?

5. How can you solve problems on Mars?

Well, the interviewer is not telling you to go to Mars. He is rather trying to judge your reaction to bizarre questions and solutions to bizarre situations.

6. Why manholes are round?

This is asked by a renowned banker. The idea is that the candidate must come up with a constructive answer. This is just to get a peep into the problem-solving quality of the person.

7. Considering that you were a tree, what kind of tree would you have become?

It is a bizarre question, but the purpose of asking such a question is to test if the answer of the candidate has anything to do with the role he is supposed to play in the company.

8. As you go out after the interview, you find a lottery ticket and end up winning $20 million. What would your future course of action be?

This is more of a constructive question designed to test the desire of the employee to work for the organization in the face of the lure of money from other quarters.

9. What is the color of money?

This is one of the most intellectual but seemingly funny questions. The interviewer wants to see if the candidate answers something like – the color of money depends on the country.  

10. Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

This question have different correct answers for different roles. It all depends on the role though seemingly it is an odd question.


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