12 Outrageously Funny Oscar Moments That Will Make You Laugh


Every year, being the biggest movie-holics, we tend to wait for the month of February. February is known throughout the world to bring us the biggest and the best award show of the night every year. Many actors, directors, writers and people related to the film industry turn up in Los Vegas pulling their tuxedos, best dresses to walk on the red carpet. While Oscars have been the biggest awards that a film artist can receive, they also represent the appreciation and criticism from all over the globe. There arw some really funny oscar moments which justify this sentence. Therefore, each year; the Oscars are designed in a way that they grab attention from every corner of the world.

The Academy Awards usually make the headlines of every media channel from one second to other be it the tiniest wink of an actress or a facial expression of an actor. Do you all remember that face Leonardo DiCaprio made to Lady Gaga? Well, there are many other hilarious and icons moments that last in the history of Oscars.

we have picked the 12 Outrageously funny Oscar moments that will make you laugh. Take a gander!

#1 During the 72nd Academy Awards, the creators of South Park; Matt Stone and Trey Parker showed up wearing dresses of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. By this, I mean they literally borrowed the dresses.

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#2 In 1974, Robert Opel wore nothing and went on the stage. Amusingly, Elizabeth Taylor who was presenting the Oscar still presented the award gracefully with a big smile.

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#3 When Dame Helen Mirren is asked to present the Oscar to Daniel Day-Lewis, he who felt honored of the Queen Elizabeth (Great Britain fame) asked her to knight him.

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