Game Of Thrones Backstories That Are More Brutal Than Any Other Show


Today, we will be covering some of the most brutal backstories of Game of Thrones that will most definitely leave you thunderstruck. Game of Thrones is pretty well known for all the violence, and explicit content that it bears, which also has contributed to the popularity of the show. However, these backstories that we’re going to go through, are extremely brutal, even more than what you’ve seen on the show.

Game of Thrones Backstories


So without further ado, let’s go through these brutal Game of Thrones backstories.

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Brutal Game Of Thrones Backstories


The White Walkers have already won once.

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If you’ve watched the first season of the show properly, there may be a fair chance that you’d remember this. In the first season, Old Nan tells Bran a tale of a winter filled with so much brutality that the mothers smothered their infant babies in their sleep. The era, dubbed as the Long Night lead to the killing of more than tens of thousands of people.

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During the Long Night, ferocious wights walked across the woods killing mercilessly. They swooped through Westeros with ease, and almost every enemy that they killed became a part of them. Nobody could stop them at that time.

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What they haven’t given a clue about in any way on the show are the deadly ice spiders. The Gargantuan spiders were huge, gnarly and they were being weaponized by malevolent ice zombies.


Young Tywin Lannister was so brutal that they even made a song about it.

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Most of you may have heard of “The Rains of Castemare”. If you’re having a hard time remembering then all we gotta say is, Red wedding.


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