Parents Can Now Hire Tom Hardy Look Alike, To Assist Kids’ With Reading!


Parents across the nation can now hire a Tom Hardy lookalike to teach their kids how to read. 

After the on-screen character’s hit appearances on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. The look alike, whose genuine name is Dave. He will read to kids at elementary schools across the UK and convey one on one reading tuition at home in an offer to make make reading cool again.

Tom Hardy

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Exam Papers Plus on their website said:

“We’ve launched a brand new book buddy service where you can hire a Tom Hardy lookalike to come to your school or your home to teach your child to read.”

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This is currently accessible all through March and accessible over the UK. The new assistance expects to empower additionally reading inside schools. It also encourages parents to get a book and partake in story-time.

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With all the digital technologies such as iPads and online gaming fewer children spend their spare time reading. This limited time administration expects to encourage this. The initiate means to help reading in schools just as urging guardians to get a book and participate in story time at home. The service, which is accessible in March, will cost £100 for a one-hour reading. And £80-per-hour for one on one mentoring.

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Faisal Nasim, Director at Exampapersplus says:

We believe that creativity and inspiration can sometimes be lacking in the private tuition experience. We have received an influx of requests for lookalike tutors from Harry Potter to Tom Hardy to make learning fun again so last year we launched the School of Magic which was hugely popular amongst the wizarding fans and now launch the Tom Hardy reading service and already seen huge demand.”

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