Your Parents Will Definitely Disown You If You Pull These Pranks On Them.


Parents can be totally mean to us sometimes with their rules and threats of grounding you. Therefore it’s only fair you get back at them every once in a while with these genius pranks. Be careful though! There’s a possibility that they’ll disown you for all this.

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1. Mom! Dad! I’m Pregnant! It’s One Of The cruellest Pranks Ever! 

Parents disown pranks


It’s a beautiful day to get disowned, right? Just drop the bomb on your parents that you’re expecting a baby for the ultimate prank. Have fun during the aftermath though.

2. It’s Russian Roulette Time! With Added Laxatives. Pranks Like These Might Give You Real Life Hangover Series Experience Though. 

Parents disown pranksvia

But beware! The chances of you getting disowned by your parents for this prank are very high! Also, they can have their sweet revenge on you anytime they want.

3. “Umm Mom? I Can’t Find Jimmy! It’s Been Hours.”  (Fastest Way For Them To Disown You). 

Parents disown pranksvia 

It’s time to make your parents’ worse nightmare come true! Have little Jimmy aka your younger sibling to hide and tell your parents that you can’t find him anywhere. Don’t take it as far as a police investigation though. That’s a total dick move.

4. I Bought 2 Grams For $40. That’s Legit Right? 

Parents disown pranksvia 

And then just shoot an oh sorry wrong number followed by is dinner ready? Your mom will most definitely disown you for such pranks.

5. Hide Their Personal Belongings In Their Favourite Dessert. 


Will your parents disown you for this? Probably not. Will they get pissed off? Sure.

6. Get Creepy. Scare Them In The Supernatural Way. 

Parents disown pranksvia 

But make sure your dad isn’t a trigger happy person. You don’t want to die over a stupid prank.

7. Tired Of Your Parents’ Obsession With Their Garden? Now You Can Make Them Hate It. 

Parents disown pranksvia

Be adviced that it’s a complete waste of money.

8. Get A Tattoo. A Very Bad One. Preferably Fake. 

Parents disown pranksvia 

And watch them flip out for hours over it.

9. Replace Family Photos With Complete Strangers Or Just Replace Them With Photoshopped Ones. 

Parents disown pranksvia 

Add a supernatural element to all of them. They’ll freak out and start praying again. And probably disown you after finding out what you did.

10. Want Them To Quit Smoking? Then This Prank Is For You! 


Empty their cigarettes and put them back in their pack. Puff away now mom!

11. Your Mom Has A Sweet Tooth? Is It Bad For Her Health. Will She Disown You After One Of These Pranks? 

Parents disown pranksvia

Then the pranks which involve putting toothpaste in her oreos is what you’re looking for!

12. There’s A Centipede In My Cereal! 

Parents disown pranksvia

Buy one of these and put its contents on your parents’ cereal. It’s one of the nastiest pranks out there.


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