CoronaVirus Has Left People In Paranoia, Man Wears Plastic Tent Onboard


A businessman from the United States tested his plastic tent on a plan to prevent himself from coronavirus.

The CEO of StadiumPod, Rick Pescovitz produces plastic tents that are mostly worn during sporting events to avoid the rain. CoronaVirus’s death poll has reached a count of 638 in total by now. He pitched his weather-proof pods on Shark Tank USA in 2017. Looking at the recent events, this man from Ohio tested another use of his pods wearing one in the aeroplane to prevent Coronavirus.

Pescovitz’s brother David told that a flight attendant happily took his brother’s photo after he wore one of his blue tents on a plane.

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Pescovitz’s brother David said that “As travellers are taking unusual steps to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. My brother thought to see how his StadiumPod would work on an aeroplane. The man who sat next to him didn’t even bat an eye. Stay safe out there!”

It seems as if his invention of pods is acting as a personal quarantine zone although it was mostly a publicity stunt similar to when he went to the Shark Tank to pitch his idea. The effectiveness of the tend to prevent the virus is still in a blur. Even so, CoronaVirus shall be treated like any other common flu as suggested by several experts. Maintain hygiene, void contact with any possible contaminated substance and wash your hands regularly.

The certainty about how effective his product can’t be known until he takes off to China, many suggests. Initially, he created these pods to combat against downpour while watching his kid’s soccer. But, now he believes is a good time to test the same against the flu. It is rather debatable to justify the pod’s effectiveness. The question is if it creates a vacuum within to prevent the outside air from coming in like in case of rain?


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