People Recall The Weirdest Experience They Had With Strangers.


4. Drunk Strangers Are Always Up To Some Weird Sh*t. 

weird strangers


“I was working at a donut store for a summer, and one night this really drunk guy shuffles in and slams a half eaten birthday cake on counter and goes “lets make this happen” and I’m like really confused and say “lets make what happen?” He just looks at me like I’m the one not making any sense and goes “Listen you have sweets I have sweets, I think you know what’s going on here.”

Then his friends burst through the door and pulled him wordlessly out of there. it was weird.”

5. What A Weird Experience!

Weird strangers


“I’m a 20 year old male. Was walking down the street when a car slammed on its brakes, reversed in my direction and stopped. The man inside then tried to usher me into his vehicle talking about how he’d take me to where I was going and how badly he wanted to get to know me.

Hell. The. Fu*k. No.”

6. Hush Little Baby. 

Weird strangers


“One day I was grocery shopping with my mom, and this man came out of nowhere, shushing me. I thought it was weird, but figured maybe they were friends, so I stood there while he proceeded to sneak up and scare the shit out of her. Turns out he was just a creepy old man and she was pissed I didn’t warn her.” 


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