These People Were Wearing The Perfect T-Shirt During Their Mugshot. 


Imagine you’ve been arrested and you’re about to have your mugshot taken. Now imagine that your T-Shirt is similar to these guys’.

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1. Yeah, You Probably Do. I Bet You Even Got Arrested Over That Passionate Romance. 

T-Shirt Mugshot


And did you notice? She’s almost touching the 66 mark on the scale. This is one tall woman!

2. Imagine. This Guy Is Actually Out On Bail. Gets Arrested For Some Reasons And Has To Get His Mugshot Taken Wearing That T-Shirt! 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

And he doesn’t get bail this time.

3. Imagine The Situation Of The Guy Who Was Taking This Mugshot. Hell! Imagine The Amusement Of The Officers Who Brought Him In. 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

Would have been more hilarious if the T-Shirt Had I Dindo Nufing written on it.

4. Right Off The Bat! Uncle Gary Was Tired Of Saying The Same Thing Over And Over. 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

So he decided to wear the words on his T-Shirt.

5. Hold On. Why Is Poop Trademarked? 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

Who trademarks the word poop? Why would anyone do that? It doesn’t make any sense!

6. Call Me An A**hole But That Looks Like Your Typical Vengeful Ex Girlfriend. 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

And the person she’s going to blame probably gets blamed as well.

7. Read The Words Written On His T-Shirt. Now Look At His Facial Expression. 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

This mugshot is perfect!

8. As It Turns Out, It Doesn’t Work. 

T-Shirt Mugshotvia

And she found that out the hard way.


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