6 Annoying Questions We Wish Our Moms Never Ask Us!


A Mom’s the one who thinks that you’re starving even if you’ve put on an extra 10 kilos, asks you to buy something for yourself instead of her even if it’s Mothers’ Day and panics with the thoughts of you being kidnapped if you ever get a few minutes late! We love you Moms……. till you become Monsters and bombard us with your stupid and annoying questions that we just hate to answer (cos’ even if we will, you’re never gonna believe us…. are you??).

Sometimes such embarrassing questions moms ask are like very big life problems!

Here’re a few such situations when our Mothers justify Sarcasm….. like nobody else!

1) Who are those friends you’re going out with??0

embarrassing questions moms ask

Are you really interested in getting familiar with my friend circle or you’re just trying to make me spill the beans and utter the name of that friend zoned crush, I’m going out with??

2) Why did you lock your room?? What were you doing in there??

embarrassing questions moms ask

Seriously, Mom, I was not indulged in any kind of terroristic plans…. wasn’t taking drugs, wasn’t committing suicide, wasn’t even talking to my secret boyfriend (except for sometimes though)  Maybe I was just practicing my lines for the next college play, dumping’ on Kesha’s ‘Tick-Tock’ or getting lost in the brainstorming thoughts about my future!

3) Why was your call unreachable?? Did you block my number??

embarrassing questions moms ask

Please blame the networks Mom….. don’t blame me!


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