People Who Had The Worst Luck, But It Was Enough To Make Their Lives Hell


People tend to have different types of moods and luck on different days. Sometimes, they can have an amazing day without any kind of bad thing happening to them to sometime when their day could start off to something as disastrous as them forgetting to put their phones on charge last night and spending the day with a dead phone and a 100 strangers. There are people who had the worst luck on the planets and luckily someone was able to capture that on camera, or the person himself shared his bad luck with the world.

Below are some of the people who had the worst luck:

1. Superman always doesn’t conquer.


Sometimes he can have bad days and drink alone.

2. Imagine being the only one car in all that load.

Guess, who’s gonna be pissed real bad?

3. How is this even possible?

You can have simple bad luck but it’s like your entire house fell apart plus all the crockery damage that’s even more heartbreaking.

4. 2 Dogs vs 1 Man.


It’s always gonna be the two dogs and their secret plans that are going to win so you lose their leashes and get banged in the tree or pole or something worse.

5. Bad Luck multiplied by infinity.

People seeing this might be wondering what kind of bad luck karma this man might have received for the whole road to collapse just in the area of his car.

6. Ummm… What?

Someone went to work hungry I guess.

7. A Soul for a Soul – Thanos.

Old buddy couldn’t see new people taking his place so he broke down.

8. People spend $10 on this thing…


Imagine the pest having control of the poison they were supposed to be killed with, that’s a pure disappointment.

9. That’s for the dogs only bud.


Why didn’t the horse understand his place and decided to get in the house from the only gate he saw his buddies use to get in.

10. Wait till your engine shuts down.


Or someone decides to light a matchstick on the trail you left and see the magic.

11. Someone can’t click photos right.

Literally, all my friends do this with me!

12. Ruined everything.

You ruined the one thing you were supposed to do!

13. I don’t know who’s more disappointed.

The cat is like, I gotta get away from this kid or he’ll kill me someday.

14. His mom ruined his party.

Everyone here is some character and there your mom made you into a freakin hamburger!

15. They said Taj Mahal looks amazing in the morning.


Forgot to mention in case you can see it!


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