This Blind Photographer Will Leave You Astonished With His Clicks


Among many of those different stories which can be heard about every other day, here is the one totally out of the box. This is about Pranav Lal, a 37-year-old man who is professional in cyber security in Delhi. Actually count him as a multi-talented person who also includes that talent of being a blogger, a photographer, and a programmer too. Oh, did I just mention that he is also blind by birth!? Well, yes he is!

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blind by birth photographer

Image Source

It is obviously not easy to believe in here, but Pranav, now an inspiration to millions of people out there is been doing each and every above-mentioned activity with dedication.

Here are some of the pictures originally clicked by this blind by birth person, which are worthy of having a look upon.

1. A photo by Pranav!
blind by birth photographerImage Source

This one is clicked in Lodhi garden which is believed to be Pranav’s favourite spot to shoot. According to him, this place gives him a complete freedom to roam around and experience the mixed up beauty in there.

2. An artistic Click!
blind by birth photographerImage Source

You see that, right? That artistic angle! This isn’t the click of some less professional photographer!

But how can that even be possible? That’s what you people are thinking! Correct? How can a blind person actually click photographs? It is possible! Everything is possible on this earth, all you need is a strong will to get this done and this person actually proves it!

These pictures clicked by him are no lesser a proof for the same.

3. Picture of dreams! 
blind by birth photographerImage Source

4. Reflection here! 
blind by birth photographerImage Source

5. Click with symmetry! 
blind by birth photographerImage Source

6. Ecstatic Beauty!
blind by birth photographerImage Source

7. Thailand and Buddha! 
blind by birth photographerImage Source

8. Trek to Rishikesh!
blind by birth photographerImage Source 


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