Photos of Tourist Places You Can’t Post on Social Media


There are countless tourist places in the world that need to be visited at least once while you can. These places are worth a view and enjoying them the best is by taking photographs of it. That’s what we all do, take photographs of precious things, memories, or locations so that we have that forever. There are many places in the world that don’t allow photography of itself. Some of these tourist places are prohibited you from posting the photos you take on social media with obvious consequences.

Below are some tourist places whose photos you can’t post on social media:

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

This South Korean beauty is the mausoleum for Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea and his son Kim Jong-il. Getting inside this is really hard, foreigners need to take special government permission to enter the building. And there are ground rules that you cannot take a photograph or any video, no smoking rules apply as well.

Eiffel Tower.


How is that possible, there are countless photos of this place! It’s the nighttime light that is prohibited and copyrighted by the law. If you want to take photos for yourself, it’s fine, but if it’s to share them, you need permission.

Neuschwanstein Castle.


This is like some Disney dream castle but you cannot take photos inside. This castle has a 35-minute tour and while you’re at it, you cannot take a baby stroller or a backpack inside.

Grand Canyon.


People can take pictures anywhere they want, but not on the viewing point from the glass bridge. No cameras are allowed on the bridge, plus you need to wear special shoes so, it doesn’t damage the glass.

Taj Mahal.

This heritage can only be photographed from outside. You cannot take photos inside, also you cannot eat, make noise or keep your phone on anything other than silent mode or switched off.

Sistine Chapel.

This used to be a church in earlier times, now, it’s a museum. You’re not allowed to take photos of what’s inside and have to maintain pin drop silence as well.

Westminster Abbey.

They have a different belief which says that photos kind of ruin the unique experience a visitor might have from inside. Also, this used to be a church, and they believe this disrupts the atmosphere of the holy place.

Lenin’s Mausoleum.


Lenin’s body is resting in this tourist spot, by the use of modern preservation techniques. Tourists are not allowed to take photos of this place once they’re inside, they want no photographs of the place to be outside.

Uluru and Kata-Tjuta National Park.

Taking photos of this national park in Australia requires a special permit. This place is even prohibited to draw and that’s a really tough law people have to abide by.

Some Las Vegas casinos.


Now comes the turn of not so heritage things we call casinos. Apparently, taking pictures in all casinos in Las Vegas was prohibited until some time earlier, it was for security reasons. Nowadays, these rules have been lifted at many places and even if there are anti-photo rules, many people manage to take a click or two home.


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