Problems Of Singles vs. Couples


The grass is always greener another side. If you are locked down or a single at times, we wish for the opposite. A single lone wolf wants to have someone to share their feelings. On the other hand, a person in a happy and lovely relationship misses sometimes misses their me time and date nights. Honestly, each side has its pros and cons. Scroll down, to know the problem of singles and couples face in their life.

1. Dates when you are single vs. a couple

The early stages of dating when you are single are so funny and excited. But,  later you will realize you are spending a lot of money o this.

On the other hand, when you are in a relationship, you will be so comfortable with your partner and watch your favorite show in your loungewear by eating popcorn, which saves a lot of money.



2. Personal Grooming

When you are single, you will take care of yourself very much. Groomed looks give a lot of confidence and attract your partner.


But In a relationship, you will groom your pit and bit occasionally.



3. Stalking

Stalking revolves only two groups, i.e., The Ex and The Competition.


After few days couples don’t stalk each other forex or competition. It all revolves with in-laws.



4. Drama

You will not face drama when you are single. You need to manage things by yourself.



But when you are in a relationship, you are supposed to answer a lot of questions.

“Why is the wet towel on the bed”?.

“How can the bathroom block again”?



5. Sex

Singles look for either a long-lasting relationship to have babies or for a single nightstand.


Whereas in a relationship relaxed, and passionate, and generous. You both know what you want for your partner.


6. Communication

You have very silly, less polite nods at shit jokes conversations with you.



7. Love

Some people say that love is a sacrifice. But, some people say that you loving you for yourself is the greatest love that one can have.



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