Robert Downey Jr. Is Aims To Clean Up the Earth in 10 Years


Pollution in the earth is at an all-time high and it just increases with time making new records every day. Then there are wastage problems, more and more is produced daily and not all of it reaches recycling or dumps. There are many initiatives and organizations trying to educate people about waste management, not too much vain but still makes it a little better. Educating people is a hell lot of hard work rather than just doing things on a greater level from technology one way or other. Recently, Robert Downey Jr. revealed something that could clean up the earth in around 10 years.

Below are the details of his plan that could clean up the earth in 10 years:

Robert Downey Jr. plays(ed) Iron Man in the MCU.

We all know his as Tony Stark aka Iron Man, the tech billionaire who makes the world a better place by his innovations.

Now, after the character retires from the screen he’s going to exist in real life.

Not really, but recently, Robert has announced something just like Tony Stark does in the movies.

He aims at cleaning the entire planet within 10 years.


Robert announced an initiative for the cause and everyone can just appreciate the character coming to real life.

He’ll be launching ‘The Footprint Coalition’ in 2020.


This is the organization that will help clean the earth in around 10 years using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

He announced this at a conference of advanced science.

Amazon Re: Mars (machine learning, automation, robotics, and space) conference is where he pitched his idea about AI cleaning up the world and was applauded.

Downey cleared a very bad misconception movies had created.

The AI isn’t always evil and wants to take over the entire planet. It can be used for really good things like this.

He hasn’t revealed any details about the project though.

But, from his movies, we can expect it to be something really promising.

He took some time to admire the scientists behind the project.

And said, “God, I love experts, they’re like Wikipedia with character defects.”

Robert confessed, “I have this quiet sense of crisis.”



Referring to the waste problems and how trash we have made the earth and how it needed a reboot.

We have to wait till April 2020 for this to launch.



That’s when ‘The Footprint Coalition’ will be out. Meanwhile, we can track the progress of the project and how it progresses, if it does, that’s gonna be a relief.


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