Pigeon And Puppy’s Friendship Leads To Custom Wheelchair!


The puppy went viral for an unlikely friendship with a flightless pigeon.

An adorable doggo who became famous over the social media for an improbable kinship with a flightless pigeon. It is finally learning to walk thanks to a donation of a specialized wheelchair. The Mia Foundation, situated in Rochester, N.Y., acquainted the world this month with the companionship between Lundy, a chihuahua dog unfit to utilize his back legs appropriately enough to walk, and Herman, a pigeon incapable to fly.


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The foundation was reached for this week by Walkin’ Pets, an Amherst, N.H. The noble cause represents considerable authority in creature versatility.

Mia Foundation authorities said they didn’t realize wheelchairs existed for hounds as little as 2-pound Lundy, however, they got simply such a wheelchair this week from Walkin’ Pets.


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Jennifer Pratt of Walkin’ Pets told WMUR-TV,

“It was great to know there was something I could do to help this adorable little animal whose story was everywhere.” According to the Mia Foundation, Lundy is now learning to walk thanks to his new specialized wheelchair.

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The wheelchair is tiny enough to fit the little fuzzball perfectly.

Lundy may need a few days to adjust and walk properly. Here’s a glimpse of him with his new wheels.

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Walkin’ Pets has built wheelchairs for a several different animals, such as ducks, chickens, and even rabbits. Now the people are looking forward to get Herman the pigeon flying.

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