Cyborg Believes Himself To Be A Time Traveller From 2050, Says We Are Living In A Matrix.

  1. Orrin’s peculiar convictions saw him show up on popular US chat show Dr Phil.

A man who strangely accepts he is a cyborg time traveler from 2050 has guaranteed we are for the most part living in a matrix. Orrin stood out as truly newsworthy over the world when he showed up on US chat show Dr. Phil about a month ago. He claims to be sent from the future. In order to aware people of an approaching apocalypse.

Time Travel

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2. He was quickly ridiculed at the show.

He was, obviously, generally criticized with Dr Phil himself dissecting every one of Orrin’s forecasts. In any case, that hasn’t halted him having another meeting trying to legitimize his incredible convictions. In the clasp from Apex TV, a channel known to include interviews with individuals professing to be from the future Orrin claims that we are generally living in a simulation.

Time travel

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3. Orrin says-

“We are being kept down by a corporation. They are lying to us through marketing schemes and propaganda to hate ourselves, to divide us based on gender, race, sexuality, identity and preference. We are being divided by our individuality, which is the reason we use the term ‘we’. For we are a collective conscious and it is our collective responsibility to guide Earth from the apocalypse in 2050.”

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4. Orrin says the hit trilogy the Matrix is completely true!

Through the extreme interview, he was speaking in an accent so robotic so as to seem like a cyborg that he says he is. He continues to claim during the interview, “we are living in a simulation.”

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5. As the interview continues, he further adds,

“We need a revolution!”

“Right now the current system such as socio-political status have pout people that look and sound a particular way down. We must change the entire institution and framework in order for us to value things such as the greater good, such as society, such as the environment.”

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