Pilot Resigned From Airlines After 40 years, To Fly With Daughter Working For Rival Company


Dad is the first hero in everyone’s life. We all get inspired by our dad. When it comes to a daughter and dad’s relationship, it is the most beautiful relationship in the universe. Daughters are always dad’s queens and little queens. Dads want to make sure to make her daughter happy still. That’s exactly what an amazing pilot dad did to their daughters. This 58 years old pilot dad’s daughters are working in a rival company. This loving dad resigned his job, where he used to work for the past 40 years and joined his daughter’s company.

Safia Anisa, one of the daughters of this pilot, shared his story on tweeter. Anisa shared that her father worked for Malaysian airlines for about 40 years. She proudly shares that her father gave up the job as soon as Anisa and her sister Amira placed in Airasia. Anisa says her father joined in Airasia as a junior to spend time with his daughters before he retires. He refused a comfortable retirement with MAL as he worked with them for four decades. Instead, he ended up to be junior to his daughters.

Dad left the Airlines he’s been working for 40 years so that he could fly with his two daughters

At the age of 58, and with 40 years of experience he joined as a junior pilot to spend the rest of his service with his beautiful daughters

The story of this super-dad had become viral when Safia Anisa posted on twitter

Netizens were so jealous of these two girls who had a super cool dad

Safia Anisa thanked all the netizens for their support and wishes and also mentioned that it’s her father’s wish to fly with his daughters before retirement

He had 40 years of experience in Malaysian airlines, but resigned and joined AirAsia to fulfill his desire



Source: Twitter


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