Unbelievable Truth About Popular Myths And Misconceptions


We believe in  almost everything we hear. Among all, we tend to believe in some popular myths as well. Some of these popular myths might even sound too real to be a myth. And, the unbelievable truth is something else.

Here are some popular myths and their unbelievable truth

1. Bulls hate red. 

No, they don’t. Bulls are actually colour blind. They react to motions of the bull fighter’s cloth. The movement of the cloth gives them a sense of threat, hence they react to that.

popular myths, unbelievable truth

2. Shaving thickens hair. 

It’s a common misconception mostly among ladies that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker. But, it doesn’t grow back thicker, darker or coarser. It’s no longer tapered once it’s shaved, so it appears to be thicker.

popular myths, unbelievable truth

3. Great Wall of China is visible from space.

It’s a myth, calm down! NASA says, “It has become a space-based myth. The Great Wall of China, frequently billed as the only man-made object visible from space, generally isn’t, at least to the unaided eye in low Earth orbit. It certainly isn’t visible from the Moon.”

popular myths, unbelievable truth


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