14 DIY Camping Hacks for all the “Into the Wild” fans


While camping is all fun and play, sometimes more than often; we confront the extreme outside conditions be it because of the climate, the topography, the unpredictable surroundings, the animals et.al. As an adventurer, we tend to have the mindset that camping is all about striving in the outside environment without any comfort conditions and to take the thrill of it. But what if the conditions are too extreme that you find it too difficult to live in them only to pack the bags to come back. What if the conditions are so minute that with simple DIY camping hacks, they can be resolved?

DIY camping hacks 12

Therefore, as a coercion to your camping, these 14 DIY camping hacks will help make your entire camping experience thrilling and full-fledged. Have a look!

#1 Use Sage: What’s a camping trip without a campfire? In case if you are tired of the pesky mosquitos, use sage in order to get rid of them.

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#2 Milk Can- Lantern: Light is the most vital element in the camping. Make a lantern out of your milk cans by placing the bulb inside.

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#3 Towels:  Use the micro-fibre towels as they are compact and can be easy to store and dry.

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